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My heart is heavy right now


My heart is very heavy right now. I recently returned from the cottage, and while there, I found out that my cousin Melanie, who has lupus, is in very severe decline. I know that there are many things that can be done to help this disease, but in Melanie’s case, her doctors, who are experts when it comes to dealing with lupus, have tried everything in their bag of tricks and none of the tricks have responded. As of the time I am writing this post, Melanie is unable to eat or keep anything down and her mother has actually said: “She’s dying.” Melanie is also in severe physical pain due to arthritis brought on by the lupus and also due to vascullitus, also brought on by lupus. 

My family, both immediate and extended has endured so much loss since 2008, beginning with my cousin Lisa from breast cancer that year, My paternal Grandmother in 2010, and lastly, my Dad in 2011. The possibility of facing yet another one has knocked me flat mentally and emotionally. 

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Crisis ended


My mother was discharged from hospital today and my belated birthday celebration will take place tomorrow. 

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Family crisis update


I just got off the phone with my mother not too long ago, and it seems that the fourth antibiotic is the one that is helping, as her fever is now steady at 99, which is a hell of a lot better than 104. Still no word yet on when mom will be discharged, but we are hoping to know more sometime tomorrow. 


Family crisis


As I write this post, I am at the family cottage for what was supposed to be a belated Birthday celebration. There still will be a celebration, but there was a big ‘ol monkey wrench thrown into the works that took the form of my mother being rushed to the hospital with a very severe bladder infection. Not such a big thing if you’re a younger person, but a great, big, nothing-to-mess-with crisis if you’re in your seventies like my mother is. Currently, this is a day by day thing, and the doctors have her on four, count ‘em FOUR different antibiotics. and she has a fever that has gone as high as 104 and can’t decide whether it wants to keep climbing or go down or go the fuck away. AND, if one more family member, immediate or otherwise tells me that this is no big deal, I’ll slap the shit out of them!

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Ouch….that smarts


This whole week is pretty much gonna be a case of ouch….that smarts. Not just because yesterday was Father’s day and my dad is no longer here on the earth plane, but also because this Friday is my birthday, and my dad always made a big fuss of me on my birthday, and now that he’s gone, every birthday hurts, as does every Christmas, Father’s day, and every July 19th as that was my dad’s birthday. 

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Rant ahead


I’m so angry right now I could scream! Someone whom I consider to be a good friend has through no fault of their own been put into the unfortunate position of being go between because someone else whom I had removed from my list of friends has put them there. I am now waiting for the proverbial other shoe to drop and am praying it doesn’t, but I also realize that’s probably unrealistic. I sure wish I knew why people who are removed from other’s Facebook pages would just accept that they’ve been removed and move on, rather than putting someone else in an awkward position. When I am removed from someone’s friends list, I certainly don’t like it, but I move on and just accept that sometimes people have to go their own way. 

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Why I choose not to vote


This post is inspired by a Facebook status that was just put up by one of my Sisters under the Skin. Said status was not mean spirited in any way, shape or form, but it’s a good catalyst for me to explain why I’ve always chosen not to vote. And by the way, in case some of my followers were not aware, I live in the USA, And this is also the first and last time I will be discussing politics on my blog. 

Since I reached voting age, which in the USA is eighteen years of age, I’ve not voted. Ever. Not even once, in either state or federal elections. There are some who would say that if one has no interest in politics, one therefore has no interest in people. I beg to differ with that statement. I do have an interest in people, but over the years I’ve seen that politics is just entirely too divisive, But that’s only part of the reason I choose not to vote, 

The other reason I choose not to vote is because I feel that votes don’t count. What I mean is that yes, votes are counted at all of the various polling places when the time for voting ends, but the actual counting of votes is, in my opinion, only a formality, because I’ve seen time and time again that no matter what the people may have told politicians they want from them, politicians do what THEY want to do, and couldn’t give two shits about the will of the people. That’s why, as long as I live, I will NEVER vote in any election. 


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